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Overview of Facebook

Facebook is today’s most popular social media site. As what is known as the “grandfather” of social media, Facebook was one of the first social media sites to come into existence and definitely the one that has set the trend. In this post, we want to educate parents and teens about the pros and cons to Facebook and what they both should be aware of when using this social media site.

What is the app: Facebook is a social networking site where users can add “Friends” from all over the world. Users are able to post text and pictures to this site as well as upload files and other internet links that they can share with their “friends.”


  1. User Friendly: Facebook is extremely user friendly. They have basically made the entire site easy to use so that anyone can essentially use it. This has become particularly useful as the older generation has started to adopt social media.

  2. Easy protection: Facebook has made it so that you can see who can or can’t see what you are posting. If you have a “friend” who you don’t want seeing certain pictures, this can easily be done. In addition to this, Facebook has also made it so that you can block people or make it so that no one else can add you as a “friend.”

  3. Good source for current events: Although many might consider this a con, one of the best places to find current events is from social media. Facebook is one of the easiest platforms to share news articles and blog posts on. As you scroll through your newsfeed, you will notice that much of what people post are just re-sharing news articles and other posts written about politics, shopping advice, education and a whole other range of topics.

  4. Announcements: My favorite thing about Facebook is the ability to make announcements and create invitations. When you get engaged you can announce it to the world over Facebook. When you want to host a party, you can create an event and invite every single one of your friends without having to send any mail. Then Facebook sends reminders about these announcements and events. Easy. Simple. Cheap.


  1. Time consuming: According to Adweek, people spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook per day. Opening and closing the app becomes almost like the refrigerator effect where you go to the fridge and open it up looking for something to eat. You close it and look in the pantry only to find yourself back at the fridge for something new. Users often do the same thing opening up the Facebook app only to close it and then find themselves opening it minutes later to see if there is anything new.

  2. Free-domain: Whatever you post to Facebook is no longer yours. Let me repeat that. Whatever you post to Facebook is no longer yours. It becomes the worlds. Anyone can take it and use the image you have posted. It is free domain. Pictures of your child, memes, selfies, whatever! It all becomes free domain.

  3. Scam Artists: Facebook has done a great job at preventing this but naturally there are thousands of fake Facebook accounts where people have taken Facebook pictures only to make a fake account under a new name. Reasons for this involve catfishing, scam artists, or who knows what else.

  4. Cyber Bullying: While baby boomers experience bullying in the locker room, much of bullying takes place today behind a digital screen. Facebook makes this that much easier. Bullying has taken place over Facebook from teens making fake accounts and attacking peers to just straight up messaging peers and making inappropriate comments.

Like any social media platform, we recommend that parents educate their children regarding social media channels before trusting them to use them. Facebook is no different and it can be responsibly used if teens know the consequences that can happen when used improperly.

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