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Therapy at Renewed Hope Ranch

Each and every girl is special and distinctive, so their treatment must be as well. At Renewed Hope Ranch, we understand the nuances of therapy for young girls. We strive to create a home-like atmosphere that enhances our positive peer culture, while providing the structure needed for success. We blend a mix of therapies for the most well-rounded treatment possible.

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Positive Peer Culture

Renewed Hope Ranch utilizes an extremely effective form of treatment called “Positive Peer Culture”. Your daughter has already been involved with a peer culture that, most likely was not all that positive. Positive Peer Culture helps to turn this all around by teaching your daughter to appropriately resolve conflicts and cultivate relationships based on care and concern toward others. The principles of Positive Peer Culture are practiced on a daily basis by the girls Renewed Hope Ranch as well as the staff.

Positive Peer Culture will help your daughter to be accountable for her choices and learn how to confront negative behavior in herself and others in an appropriate manner. We have Positive Peer Culture group sessions conducted by mental health professionals 3-5 times a week and all of the staff are trained in the methodologies of Positive Peer Culture.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy creates a partnership between the young girl and her therapist as they work toward the goal established in her Master Treatment Plan. For it to be successful, your daughter must be as committed to healing as the therapist is to helping.

Your daughter will receive an hour of individual, face-to-face therapy each week with her own personal, mental health therapist. In this hourly session, your daughter’s therapist will help her gain insight into her behavior and process issues that might be too sensitive for her to share with the group. Your daughter’s therapist will develop a relationship of trust; necessary to work through the difficult issues that have been keeping her from being able to progress. This therapist will develop and follow a Master Treatment Plan that will identify the progress needed to help your daughter effectively work through the program and eventually successful transition home.


Individual therapy will give your daughter a safe space and solid time dedicated 100% to her where she can discuss her feelings, fears, and concerns—past, present, and future.

Family Therapy

Your daughter’s treatment at Renewed Hope Ranch is about more than just her; it’s about healing her whole family. Our weekly family therapy sessions ensure that all issues are being discussed in a healthy, positive, and productive manner. We will not only work on communicating your feelings, but on how to do so.

The same therapist that will be working with your daughter individually will also conduct weekly family therapy sessions. Within the family therapy sessions, your therapist will help you identify the family dynamic and work through your family issues utilizing healthy communication skills and create positive, meaningful relationships between your teenager and each member of the family.


We ask all parents to not only participate in the weekly family therapy sessions but to also attend our quarterly “Family Weekends”. In these Family Weekends, parents and other family members attend workshops designed to teach healthy ways to strengthen the family.

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Group Therapy

Each girl’s ability to work together and support each other has a significant impact on the outcome of their stay. Group therapy is an integral part of the therapeutic process in your daughter’s day-to-day routine, and includes Positive Peer Culture groups, equine assisted psychotherapy groups, drug and alcohol groups (where needed), life skill groups, DBT groups, and other specialized groups. All of these are facilitated by a licensed mental health therapist.

Equine Therapy

Our residential treatment center for girls also uses equine therapy as a tool to help your daughter overcome her challenges. 

Equine therapy is a dynamic blend of physical, emotional, and occupational exercises through hands-on experiences. By being responsible for the feeding, grooming, and exercising of another living being, your daughter can regain her confidence and self-worth.

The bond between horse and girl has been proven to help daughters and sisters:

  • Learn compassion

  • Practice self-discipline

  • Honor commitments

  • Gain empathy

  • Build trust

  • Strengthen problem-solving skills

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If you have any questions about enrollment, admissions or our program, please call us at (435) 691-4318

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