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Long Term Effects of Sibling Sexual Abuse

In the past, many people believed that sibling sexual abuse didn’t have any long term detrimental effects. It was one of those things that was quietly swept under the rug and for one reason or another, was never discussed. It wasn’t until the last decade that researchers started making headway into proving that sexual abuse by a sibling has many traumatizing, long lasting effects on the victims. The notion that it was undamaging has harmed many a victim and they have carried these negative effects into adulthood.


The most common effect of childhood abuse found in victims is clinical depression. A recent study proves how any type of abuse at a young age can make children susceptible to future mental problems. Victims of sibling sex abuse feel trapped all their life and that feeling can linger, even in the most resilient people. This leads to hopelessness/helplessness and eventually clinical depression.

Future Relationship Issues

Abuse from someone close to them, like an older sibling, destroys the victim’s trust in relationships. Often, these children blame their parents for not helping them; this distrust of relationships carries onto adulthood.

Low Self-esteem

Sexual abuse at a young age destroys the self-esteem of children. Most victims blame themselves for the abuse and this lowers their self-worth. If these feelings take root, the victims may try to find solace in mind altering substances (drugs); which leads to different addiction issues.


Childhood sibling sexual abuse can increase the risk of re-victimization in the most severe cases. A combination of different long-term effects of sibling abuse can often lead the victims towards the path of re-victimization, in order to cope with their own anxiety and sexual issues.

Many researchers believe that positive sibling relationships play an important role in a child’s development and dysfunctional ones are, just as destructive for them. If your child has suffered sibling sexual abuse, then STAR Guides Wilderness program can help them heal before these issues take root in their mind. Their unique program can also offer therapy for sex offenders, so that you can move forward and heal, as a family.

Company Introduction

STAR Guides is a first of its kind addiction therapy center. It offers uniquely designed wilderness therapy for adolescents struggling with sexual behavior issues. STAR Guides provides navigation for the whole family of people faced with the challenge of disruptive sexual behaviors. Sexual compulsivity, pornography, cyber-sex addiction and sexual offences are some of the issues that are treated in this program.

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