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Dynamics of Teen Sex Offenders

There is a lot that is still not known about what motivates adolescent sex offenders to offend. The research regarding the subject is in its infancy, but there is some research that reveals common characteristics that are present in most all teen sex offenders. Most importantly, they show that juvenile offenders can be rehabilitated; if the right treatment is provided, at the right time. STAR Guides offers a specialized therapy program for adolescent sex offenders, which can help them, navigate towards healthy sexuality.

Male Teen Offenders

  1. Although all male sexual offenders can’t be categorized into one single group, there are some characteristics that are commonly present in most offenders.

  2. Most offenders’ problems begin with the inability to control their sexual impulses.

  3. Adolescent male offenders often suffer from self-esteem issues.

  4. They exhibit anti-social behavior and lack the ability to form social connections.

  5. Learning difficulties or low IQ is also common among adolescent sexual offenders.

  6. In some cases, their offenses stem from a history of abuse; physical or sexu

Low-functioning Offe

A development delay is some teenagers can cause them to sexually offend. It is believed that they lack the necessary skills or understanding of appropriate behavior and this can often lead them to commit sexual offenses.

Female Teen Offenders

Many people believe that male adolescents are the only teens that commit sexual offenses, but that isn’t true. Research shows that adolescent female sex offenders make up about 7% of the total number of offenders, but many cases of female sexual abuse go unreported. These cases are either overlooked by the officials or male victims do not report them.

Early Intervention

To give juvenile sex offenders their best chance of recovery, early recognition of their behavior and enrolling them in an appropriate therapy program is necessary. If the behavior is ignored or tolerated, it can take root and the teens can progress further and commit more extreme sexual acts in the future.

So, if you have observed any signs of deviant sexual behavior in your child, get in touch with us (800.584.4629) immediately. Our unique wilderness program can help disrupt their deviant behavior and help them learn to cope with their sexual impulses.

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