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All it Takes is One Click

If a teenager surfs the internet regularly, they are likely to be exposed to some form of pornographic material or sexually explicit images. Research suggests that 93% of male and 62% of female adolescents get exposed to pornography before the age of 18. Those are staggering statistics and the main reason behind them is the easy access teenagers have to pornographic websites.

An innocent web search can lead a teen to an explicit site with just a single click. It is believed that about 37% of all websites online contain pornographic material. So a misguided and inadvertent click can lead the teens to a pornographic site and become the cause of a debilitating pornography addiction. For parents, it is very difficult to deal with their child’s porn addiction, but with our therapy program and by following the advice below, you can help your child beat his/her addiction:

Start a Discussion

One thing to remember when approaching any type of addict, especially teens, is to not be overly aggressive with your approach. This may cause them to deny and maneuver out of the discussion and they may never want talk about this particular subject with you again. When you do initiate a dialogue, let them know that you are there to support them and you will get them the help they need.

Love and Support

As we have mentioned above, you need to show your support and love for your son/daughter. You should denounce their acts, but not them. They are as helpless as an alcoholic in a bar, except that an alcoholic is not approached by a barman and seduced to take a drink, in the comfort of their bedroom.

Treatment Plan

Teen porn addicts try and fail multiple times, to stop and give up pornography. So, don’t heed their promises of kicking the habit on their own. They need a therapy program like STAR Guides Wilderness, so they can overcome their addictive behaviors early and have a chance for achieving healthy sexuality in their future adult lives.

After they have completed their therapy program, teens require your continued love and support to stay on the road to recovery. We will provide you with the necessary information on how to help your son/daughter on their journey to recovery. Contact us today (800.584.4629) and educate yourself on our specialized porn addiction recovery plan.

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