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Equine Director


Tanzynn was born and raised in Northern Utah where she learned to ride horses before she could walk. When she was 14 she had saved up enough money to buy her own horse that she spent every spare second with. Growing up she participated in rodeos and 4H and eventually started teaching riding lessons. Soon she started to realize she loved to be able to share her passion with others through teaching and training. As she got more into training horses she started to have some really amazing opportunities open up where she got to work with some of the best horse trainers in the world. 

These opportunities enabled her to combine different components from each experience and develop her own training methods which she uses today. Prior to working at RHR she was able to spend a year in Kentucky working with bigshot racehorses, which she loved, but more than anything she wanted to move back to Utah where she could be closer to friends and family.

Currently, Tanzynn has been working in our Equine Department since May 2019 and was recently promoted to Equine Director thanks to her hard work and dedication. She currently holds an Associates degree in Equine Sciences and is working on finishing up her Bachelors degree at Southern Utah University in Animal Sciences. “I love teaching others about horses and helping them understand how horsemanship skills can be used in their everyday lives and I am so glad I get to do this for my job!”

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