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Office Manager 


Nadine was raised in Central Utah on a family farm. Here she learned the importance of family and hard work. She attended Southern Utah University where she met and later married her husband. She has remained in Southern Utah ever since.

Nadine has worked as a receptionist and office manager for over 10 years. She has worked in a dentist office, counseling office, and now at a residential treatment center. She has enjoyed working with the public in these medical offices. She has an understanding of insurance policies and record keeping.

In her community, she has been involved with adolescent girls for over 12 years. She has served as one of their leaders. Nadine helped teach these adolescents life skills and values to help them become successful adults. She also participated in many outdoor, skill building, and service activities with these girls. She has a place in her heart for adolescents.

Spending time with her family brings her the greatest joy in life. Nadine loves being in the outdoors with her family camping, fishing, hiking, going for walks, and having barbecues; or inside playing games and watching a movie with a big bowl of popcorn. She has two daughters and three sons.

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