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Residential Director


Cathy was born and raised in East LA, California. When it was time for her to have kids she decided to move out here to Utah so she could raise her family in a safer, more friendly environment. Being a mom has blessed Cathy in many ways and is one of her greatest joys. Her kids have taught her to have patience and overcome any bump in the road that gets in her way. 


Cathy is very dedicated to her work at RHR and gives everything she does 110%. She started working at RHR back in 2019 as a Guidance Mentor and was quickly promoted to a Supervisor and now is a Residential Manager. She absolutely loves working with the girls and challenging them in ways she knows will help them grow. One of her favorite things about working with the girls is watching them have their “Aha” moments and they decide to start getting better for themselves.


In her freetime Cathy enjoys spending time with her family, going on road trips, going out dancing, and cooking! Cathy believes that life is short, so always live it to the fullest!

Cathy Mendez
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