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Ashlee Ungerman

Human Resources Director

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Ashlee has lived all over Utah in both small towns much like Enoch, and in bigger cities in Northern Utah. She moved down to Cedar City where she attended SUU for 4 years and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sciences and Art. During her Junior year of college she started working at RHR as a Guidance Mentor with one of her friends. She didn’t know much about residential treatment centers, but quickly grew to love it. She has enjoyed participating in fun activities with the girls and finds working at RHR very beneficial because you get to learn so much about yourself and others which you can take with you and apply it outside of work. A little before her 2 year mark at the ranch, she was offered the HR position, something she never pictured herself doing but absolutely loves.

In Ashlee’s free time she enjoys doing anything and everything artsy – drawing, painting, sculpting, embroidery, photography, you name it! She is more of a summer person, but makes the best of winter by snowboarding. Ashlee is also a big fan of traveling, especially if it includes a beach for surfing and beautiful coral reefs to explore while scuba diving. More than anything, she enjoys doing all of these things when she can enjoy doing them with her friends and family.

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